Core Values

Core Values
·         We value high quality education through the University formulated curriculum that is designed to meet the career needs of the students. 
·         We equally value an environment of academic success of the students through effectively integrated support services.
·         We ignite a passion for learning.
·         We value continuous improvement through the assessment of student learning outcomes, program effectiveness, and also decision-making processes. 
·         We value and promote creativity, innovation, experimentation, and critical thinking.
·         We value our living planet by accepting the responsibility and adopting practices to protect the environment in a sustainable way and sharing these values with others.
·         The institution respects the dignity of every student and promotes to make them as a responsible citizen.
·         We value and strive to preserve the unique cultural and aesthetic environment of the College.


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Shri Sadguru Saibaba Science & Commerce,

Maharashtra, INDIA-442707 .

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+91 - 94 2172 1741

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